helmikuu 26, 2004

Flower Market

Yesterday night we went into a flower market. The taxi driver seemed very familiar with Scotland and Finland. From Scotland he knew Braveheart (Mel Gibson, Australia's gift to human kind), he gave us a bit of an fright when he shouted out "FREEEDOM!" and from Finland he noted of course Nokia which is apparently very popular also with the Thais (at least he knew where Nokia was from. I have talked to people in Europe that think it's from Japan.). He also kindly showed us the streets where the girl and boy hookers have their businesses.

The flower market was stunning. The cool night air full of fresh flower smells, walking through the narrow steets each side full of orchids, roses, lotuses and flowers we have never encountered before. It was also very cheap; a bouquet of 50 long stemmed roses cost about 50 euro cents! There were no tourists around at all which was nice. It seems that most of the backpackers never leave Khaosan Road (the backpacker ghetto), you just walk around the corner and there's hardly any of them to be seen. Of course my loving boyfriend bought me one big bouquet of red orchids and one huge bouquet of red lotuses, which now decorate our little room. The flower market starts at 12 in the night and closes at dawn.

Of course Bron brought me to Thailand cause the flowers are cheap here, such typical behaviour from a Scot. ;)

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