maaliskuu 07, 2004

Elephant Van Trunk

We stumbled upon an elephant art exhibition in the centre of Chiang Mai. At first we thought that they had only a few paintings made by elephants, but to our great joy it turned out that there were two young elephants showing off their skills guided by their keepers. The whole point for coming to Chiang Mai was to see elephants and now my wish had been fulfilled. We found out about the elephant camp they were from and decided to go see more of them..........

Road trip the next day we rented a scooter and headed up to the mountains through the crazy city traffic with Bron's good driving, my perfect navigating and with a very old almost broken scooter. Adrenalin pumping through our veins, we managed to get to the quieter road up to the mountain alive. From there things were pleasant. At the moment here is the dry season and it's not as green as I thought but as we got higher things got more lush and the air fresher, sometimes interrupted by small forest fires. Finally we got to the elephant camp but it was closed. A bitter disappoitment, but we decided to make the most of the situation and headed still higher up the mountain.

We ended up making a tour that was about 100 km, passing hilltribe villages, a few elephants and stunning views. We also drove through a few forest fires that were just next to the road and you could feel the strong heat from the flames. I was a bit concerned about my pants which are very flammable, but things went smoothly all the way back to the city. After a long scooter ride, a nice swim in our hotel's pool was very welcome to sooth our numb butts and I "entertained" others at the pool by making various whale expressions.
"Look it's the spastic wale again, mum!", "Don't point at 'special' people, it's rude."

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