maaliskuu 09, 2004

Train ride to Phitsanulok

We were granted the worst seats in third class because second class was fully booked. There was a monk sitting opposite of us and it made things a bit uncomfortable, cause the monks aren't allowed to look or touch women and it was so tight that our knees were practically hitting against each other. So we ended up changing seats the whole way. The trip lasted about 8 hours and although we longed for the comfortable seats in the first and second class the atmosphere was nicer in the third.

On one stop we stayed a bit longer so I decided to jump off and have a smokysmoke and I saw an old guy sitting in a corridor filling his opium pipe and there was another crazy old guy smoking an opium joint next to us in the train (who knows how old they really were. They could be 30 for all I know, but maybe they have smoked a bit too many opium joints. Like our Finnish rock legends Andy Macoy and Michael Monroe from Hanoi rocks. They look to be a 100 years old as well).

I also had a taste of "thai spicy" food served in the train. It was very good, but a bit too spicy for my taste. I managed to gob down some of it, but when it started to feel like I was chewing on a poisonous snake or a beehive fighting back, I had to give up.

I literally burned my tongue and I fear now the thought of having a visit to the toilet.

Posted by carita at 09.03.04 11:51
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