Wi-Fi links

Brainheart Directory

Directory of international wireless ISPs

[Logged 02:54 PM 18-Mar-03]
Wi-Fi Sniffers

Wi-Fi sniffing tools from The Personal Telco Project

[Logged 04:50 PM 02-Feb-03]
Wireless Node DB

Wireless node database with good maps

[Logged 10:55 PM 28-Jan-03]

Search for commercial wi-fi hotspots

[Logged 02:31 AM 25-Jan-03]

Community wireless networks in the UK

[Logged 09:54 PM 24-Jan-03]

Primers on wireless networks

[Logged 08:21 PM 23-Jan-03]

Wi-fi mesh networks

[Logged 11:12 AM 23-Jan-03]
Wi-Fi Networking News

Recent news in the world of Wi-Fi

[Logged 02:23 AM 23-Jan-03]