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January 3, 1994

New Year in Kinloch Rannoch

On Hogmany, Andrew, and the rest of the crowd from school spent New Year up at Kinloch Rannoch and I was going up to visit them the following night. By the evening, however, I was not feeling too great, and when I finally got home I went straight to bed, and about 8pm, started to vomit. I felt really bad, and just lay in bed unable to move without being sick again. The vomiting stopped about 23:30, but I just brought in the New Year in bed.

The following day I had a long lie, and went to mass in the evening, then drove up to Kinloch Rannoch with Ged and Zoe. We arrived at the hotel in almost half the time it had taken everyone else to get there. I walked up to reception, the guys had agreed to be in the chalet at that time, but just in case, we checked the bar. There in the corner they sat, looking exactly as they had when I last saw them years ago. Checked lumberjack style shirts merged into one another, and non-descript jeans lounged around. We sat down and I ordered the drinks, a white wine, Budweiser, and a mineral water for myself. When the bar closed we took the BMW around to the chalets. "Anyone want a lift?", I asked, as the snow started to fall. "OK, I haven't seen your car yet", Paul Boylan replied. The rest of my friends preferred to walk. Subconsciously, I realised that this would be the first time they would see my 325i. Mauritius blue. Sleek and bespoilered. The six-spoke alloys turning through the snow effortlessly beneath the growl of the engine. We parked round at the chalet. Otter 5? Or was it Squirrel 2? Once inside the chalet, I organised drinks while Ged mowed people down with the camcorder, and consumed half a bottle of Southern Comfort. I was wearing a red Hugo Boss jacket I had bought in Jenners on Thursday, aquamarine Principles trousers, and a marbled aquamarine shirt. Cool. Outside it was dark when we left and we almost slid down the steps, and the snow, which had continued, was now getting deep. We got into the Beamer, and started to head home to Dundee, the Police playing on the CD system. We drove down the A9, and finally got back at 5 or 6 in the morning.