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February 8, 1997

Back in the house

I'm happy down in Guernsey on my yacht. I've made so many friends there that it'll be hard to leave. Martin Lovell let me leave the BMW on his drive & Chris gave me a lift to the airport on Thursday. We stopped off at the cafe the climbing club goes to for breakfast on the way, but because they took a while to bring it they didn't charge us for it. I got my flight & soon I was in Gatwick but my flight to Edinburgh was delayed so I called Ged & he arranged to collect me instead of meeting in Ryans. So, we went back to the flat, then for a McDonalds, then to Ryans. I stayed the night in Ged's & he gave me a lift into town in the morning. I spent Friday morning in town then took the train to Dundee & went to my accountants meeting at 14:30. Grabbed some shopping then took the bus (!) home. Ged woke me up this morning & gave me a lift over to Balmerino to check it & I'm having dinner with Andrew & Catherine (probably) tomorrow. I found it really quite hard when I got into the house yesterday. I felt a bit upset but I'm over it now. Sometimes I guess I miss the life I had. The successful business, the companion, the expensive toys, my Pal, but I'm glad not to be living here in Dundee & I'm glad that I've made the break & I'm doing something different.

February 11, 1997

Sitting in the Office Again

Caught the train through to Glasgow on Sunday & Andrew picked me up at the station. We went for a coffee in the Italian Centre then went back to the flat. His nice, big, new flat. We went to the Ubiquitous Chip for dinner, just AC & me & had a good chat. It was somewhere I've been wanting to eat for a while. Later we went for a walk over to a cafe & I stayed the night in the flat. Julie, one of Kathleen's friends is staying with them right now after her marriage broke up last year ( I guess there really are people much worse off than me!). This morning Andrew went off to work & I just pulled the door closed when I left. Unfortunately I couldn't get together with Kevin as he went off on a skiing holiday today. I walked into town from the flat, had coffee & cake in Princes Square Centre, then wandered around the shops. Had lunch in McDonalds & then got on the wrong train & almost ended up in Maryhill! Eventually found the right train for Dundee after another coffee & I came home & wrote some letters & things.

It's strange sitting here in the office again working late at night. Feels just like any other normal night again... but it's not. Tommorrow I get the train to Edinburgh, meet Ged in Ryans, stay there the night, then get the morning flight to Gatwick. From there I'll get the train to London, spend the day there, & probably sleep in the airport, then fly back to Guernsey on Thursday morning, meet Chris & go back to the yacht... I guess that is better than standing in a shop all week. I do still want to take photographs & sell them, but I also want to concentrate on investment. I am going to leave Guernsey at the earliest reasonable opportunity as I am living on the yacht as I want to travel, & I'm going to. Strange, I always seem to quite like the place I'm staying in at the time rather than anywhere else I've stayed. i.e. St. Peter Port to Beaucette & vice versa.