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St Malo Ferry Terminal

I finally decided to order an L series Canon lens on Wednesday, my first. Its about 1000, but the lens test on it classed it as optically perfect. I was starting to see some flaws in the lenses Ive been using & Id really like to manage to sell some of my shots - at least now the only thing that can let me down is me. Having said that I dropped my camera last night on the ground when I pulled my top out of the boot, but it was fine. Felt stupid though.

Im sitting in line at the ferry terminal in St. Malo right now, just waiting to drive on. So far 3 911s & an M3 have come off the ferry from Jersey. I seem to have acquired some degree of fame myself in Guernsey; I was sitting in the Chinese last week waiting for my order when the woman behind the counter mentioned my number plates to someone she was talking to. The other girl then replies, Yeah, hes living on his boat over here.... Customs here took an interest in me & my BMW as well - didnt search me but asked where Id been & how long my boat had been in Camaret. I wonder if Guernsey customs will pull me over this time.
Ive really quite enjoyed this break over in France. Its been really pleasant driving through the countryside & seeing so much more of it.

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