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We got back to Copenhagen

We got back to Copenhagen this evening after spending the weekend in Nina's summerhouse about 80km from here. Her parents are off to Turkey this week, so we have their car to use. It was so pleasant to get out of the city and see some of the Danish countryside again, and it's really made me decide that I need to travel more in Scandinavia while I'm here. When we arrived at the summerhouse, we turned on the water to find it spraying out from under the sink. One of the pipes had burst, and the bathroom was now getting flooded. Nina ran back outside and shut the water off, and I went off to look for some tools. After a while I managed to sort it, and it seems fine now. Yesterday we took a walk along the beach then watched some ponies attacking each other in a field video. In the evening we had a lovely meal and a nice bottle of South African wine that we brought back with us.

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