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April 1, 2001

St Peter Port, Guernsey Just

St Peter Port, Guernsey
Just been out on the cliffs all day climbing with the lads, and managed to get sunburnt! I'm staying on Paul's boat in the QE2 marina in the centre of town.

April 4, 2001

Haven't been updating this much

Haven't been updating this much as I've not been online often in the last few days. I'm writing this from Mark's pc, and enjoying the satisfaction of his adsl connection. It's been fairly good weather since I got here and some people are even going around in shorts. I've been staying between Paul's boat in the marina and Vicky and Dan's flat and much drinking and revelry has been involved. It looks like I'm getting the slow ferry back to the UK tomorrow evening, and this is nothing to look forward to as it takes about 16 hours to do the trip that the normal ferry does in 2-3, as it rolls it's way across to England.

It's been really good to get back to Guernsey, it's just a shame that I have to leave already. It's one place that I really feel happy to get back to, and as you wander around, people seem happy to be living here too. Everyone has been laughing at me for locking the car door after me; it's normal just to leave the keys in the ignition when you park as there is so little crime here. Yesterday a policeman smiled at me - this has never happened before, and customs let me onto the island without the usual strip-search! I really do have to get back here more often.

April 5, 2001

Oh, dear. Had far too

Oh, dear. Had far too many vegetarian drinks with Mark last night and got quite drunk. In fact I am still quite drunk so I am going back to bed. Stayed here, which was probably a good idea as I would have fallen into the marina had I gone back to the boat!

April 8, 2001

Bristol, England Arrived here at

Bristol, England
Arrived here at Chris's flat yesterday after getting the overnight ferry from Guernsey. The forecast was for 45knot winds, but the most we saw was 25knots before it dropped off and turned into a very pleasant Channel crossing. Being far too happy to be back at sea, I didn't go to sleep until about 0300, and we docked at 0630, so I was fairly exhausted by the time I made it up to Bristol, but still we had to go out to the pub!

April 10, 2001

Chris's parents were here over

Chris's parents were here over the weekend and so Chris and I shared the living room sofas while they took his bed. This meant that we ended up talking and laughing until 0400 about 'times we almost died' and other noteworthy events during our travels together. One day I'll get around to putting them up onto the website, but until I do you'll just have to make do with this...

I think Chris woke me up at 0630 this morning to say goodbye, but I'm not sure. He left for Toulouse on his company's executive jet, where he's going to be working for the next 3 months. Later he sent me a text message to say he'd arrived, and so I thought it was about time I got up.

Today I sat down on a park bench to eat my sandwich. It was a club sandwich from Pret a Manger so I was particularly looking forward to it. However, just as I was about to take my first bite a voice next to me said, "Do you know Jesus?". Now, as I've probably said before, freaks and screaming children gravitate towards me, so I shouldn't have been surprised to look over and see a crazed hippie sitting on the bench next to me. He stared at me, at my club sandwich, and he repeated the question. I asked if the person he was looking for lived in Bristol (remembering seeing some strange Portugese guy at the pub at the weekend). At this, he decided to withdraw his offer of salvation to me, and scrawled indecipherably into his notepad. I wanted to ask him if he knew what a bath was, but obviously he didn't so I ate my sandwich and left.

Tomorrow is my last day here in Bristol as I fly back to Denmark on Wednesday from Heathrow. While I've been here in Britain, a couple of friends have mentioned that I seem to be leading a much more 'normal' kind of life compared to the days when I was sailing. I guess they're right, for although I've taken about 24 flights in the last 9 months, I have been travelling in a more orthodox manner and staying in hotels, hostels and houses. So I'm going to make a determined effort to change this now, ok?

April 13, 2001

Copenhagen, Denmark Since writing last,

Copenhagen, Denmark
Since writing last, I've made the decision to do some extended cycle touring in Europe as soon as possible. It feels good to be planning a whole new type of adventure as I've never done anything like this before. So, on Wednesday, after hiking into Bristol centre with my 21kg pack and catching the coach, I spent 4 hours rushing around all the cycle shops I could find in London to get the parts I need for my bike. Then it was off to Heathrow on the tube to catch a flight to Brussels and my connection to Copenhagen. Nina picked me up at the airport there, and it was great to see her again after being away for a month. After dropping my bags off at the flat we collected my bike from her parents garage so that I could sort it up.

Yesterday, however, when I started to clean it up, I discovered that my rear derailleur hanger was bent and the derailleur had somehow got broken. I was not very happy, especially as everything in Denmark is closed for about 5 days over Easter! Apparently shops are going to be open tomorrow for about 3 hours, so I'm going to try to find a cycle shop that can straighten it out, but nothing really happens fast here, so I don't expect it to be easy.

April 15, 2001

Well amazingly enough after getting

Well amazingly enough after getting up early to go off hunting for a cycle shop, I found one that thinks they can fix my bike for Wednesday. Hopefully they will, but I do see a big bill coming my way from them. Then we drove into town for a coffee and I had an argument with a waitress who tried to take my coffee away before I'd finished it and then insisted to me that it was cold. It was a nice welcome back to service in Danish cafs, so if you enjoy rude staff you must go to Cafe Ketchup. Unfortunately, it's still really cold here in Denmark, with frost tonight and the temperature barely climbing to about 5c during the day.

April 17, 2001

Just about everything was closed

Just about everything was closed today as it was Easter Monday. I spent the afternoon servicing Nina's bike then went for a ride out to the forest. I'm trying to go cycling every day to get myself back into shape after my long winter of drinking and doing little exercise. This evening I finally completed the Bahamian webpages on the site with our photos from last year's sailing there and uploaded them. I'm quickly running out of available space on the site I'm using though I've got lots of pictures from my recent trip to Guernsey & the UK that I want to put up.

I did, however, get an email from Mark to say that there's a picture of me on the Guernsey Mountaineering Club website under "Drinking Beer". It was taken on my last night on the island after a heavy drinking session in Mark's house. If you're sure you want to see it click here.

April 19, 2001

After a long walk in

After a long walk in the rain yesterday, I collected my bike from the cycle shop and rode it home, arriving with a big skunk line down my back from the spray. I spent most of last night fitting the panniers and things that I'd bought in Britain last week and transforming it into something huge that I'm not sure I can ride up a hill fully loaded. We shall see.

I'm hoping to leave here shortly after my birthday and cycle south into Germany and towards Belgium and France. I haven't worked out the details yet, and I'm not sure how far I can comfortably cover in a day, but I've found a cycling organisation here that has a lot of information on routes and stocks foreign cycle maps, which should be a big help.

April 20, 2001

Due to the poor geography

Due to the poor geography of many of my chums who check this webpage out, I've decided to implement a new feature called, "Where is Bron?" As I travel I'll update the map on the left with my current position and for more information you can click on it to zoom in or out.

April 21, 2001

Just about to leave here

Just about to leave here to cycle up to Nina's summerhouse assuming that the ferries across there are running. If they aren't I've got a tent with me. It's about 50 miles up there, so I'll come back tomorrow or Monday.

April 22, 2001

Just got back to Nina's

Just got back to Nina's flat a couple of hours ago after spending a lovely weekend cycling to her summerhouse and back. The weather was lovely and I did about 108 miles of cycling over the two days. Last night I did my best to make up for all the exercise by getting pissed to celebrate the distance I'd covered. I woke up to regret it this morning, however, especially with the prospect of the return trip, but after a couple of hours I felt much better.

April 25, 2001

So today is the last

So today is the last day that I'll be twenty-something. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday (gasp) and it's also the day that I'm leaving on my European cycle ride. I plan to cycle south from here to Germany, then head over towards France and see how far I can go without taking any other form of overland transport. I hope to keep this page updated as I travel and publish the pictures on the site when I return.

As has become customary on the eve of a big trip, I spent today running around trying to find the last elusive items and bike parts that I needed. I got back to the flat all ready to start working on my bike and packing, when Nina insisted on taking me to a surprise birthday dinner with her sisters. It was a lovely meal, although all the candles on the cake nearly set off the smoke alarms when I blew them out! So now, I'm stuffed full of food and it's time to start getting the bike ready, so I better go...

April 26, 2001

Well, after packing all morning

Well, after packing all morning Im finally just about ready to leave. Ive cut down the luggage as much as I can, but it still looks like a huge amount piled up on the bike!

April 29, 2001

Dist so far: 117km (73miles)

Dist so far: 117km (73miles)
On day1 we cycled to Kge, and spent the night at the campsite there after having a lovely meal in a 15th Century inn. The following day started after a late breakfast and Nina and I cycled 74km to our second stop here in Vordingborg. We had a day of rest yesterday, and today Nina is returning to Copenhagen while I hope to continue down to my last stop before Germany in Maribo.