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Nina finished her university course

Nina finished her university course today and is now officially a bachelor. We now have seven months free before she plans to start her next two year long course. After she finished her exam today we headed to the travel agents to try to finally sort up some tickets. After throwing what must have been about twenty different possible flight routes at them, we seem to have finally decided on flying out to Bangkok. The flight, with Finnair, leaves on Saturday and we plan to return around January from Hong Kong after hopefully travelling overland between them. I spent the weekend trolling through websites for information on possible overland routes, visas, innoculations and so on, and today I bought the Lonely Planet guide to SE Asia to take with us.

This evening we dropped by Nina's parents and told them that we were leaving in a few days. We felt quite guilty doing this, and I feel bad for taking Nina away again for so long, but she has been in Denmark for 10 months now and she needs a break. Tomorrow we hope to get the tickets finalised as well as getting more jabs from the doctor.

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