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February 11, 2002

I spent the weekend attempting

I spent the weekend attempting to set Linux up on my pc, and after many hours, failed. I've also been busy working through the many, many photographs we've taken during our travelling in the last 8 months and trying to get some of them up on the website. At the same time we're moving bronek.org over to different servers with a 1600% jump in server space, which should just about handle all the new videos and photos!

February 13, 2002

Over the last couple of

Over the last couple of days bronek.org has migrated over to a new home, which shouldn't make any difference to most of you unless you've bookmarked it. If so, find the new version by clicking here, www.bronek.org, and bookmarking again. I've also uploaded the pictures I took in Finland and Iceland last year, and more countries are on their way.

Apart from that I'm not happy as Tiscali have effectively just doubled the cost of internet access here in Denmark!

February 26, 2002

Tomorrow morning I have to

Tomorrow morning I have to get up early to catch the coach over to Sweden, and then fly over to Britain. I'm planning to spend the next week in Bristol staying with Chris.

February 28, 2002

I'm in Bristol now, and

I'm in Bristol now, and I've done been re-designing some of the front page of the website tonight. Chris will soon be getting up though, so I think I should go to bed!