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Mr Hankey... is that you?

I had a very pleasant long weekend up in the summer house and it also gave me the opportunity to marvel again at the surreal efficiency of the Danish transport system. I had to catch three trains and a ferry, with about four minutes between each connection. Coming from Britain where trains never arrive less than two hours late, and usually fall off the tracks somewhere on the way, I really couldn't see any way that I would make it and had resigned myself to camping down in a country railway station somewhere for the night. But the trains all turned up, even though there were leaves on the tracks, and the journey went to schedule and was unexcitingly smooth. It was great to get out of the city and soon the train was passing through fields and past frozen bays, stopping at places that were really just a few huts in the woods. I war-cycled after I got off the train, but only picked up one wireless connection in the area, which was encrypted.

Nina's father had advised that it might be best if I didn't turn the water on in the summer house as the whole system was drained, so I took a bucket down to the stream and filled it. It was a bit like living in the wilderness. Unfortunately, a couple of days later I discovered that the stream had a sewage outfall running into it. A little sewage never hurt anyone though.

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