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I Chose Vodka

Blue lemonade for one
...and blue lemonade. Feeling a bit rough today due to drinking far, far too much last night then being very ill.


Bwahahahahahahha!!!! Good to see that you haven't forgotten blue lemonade!

Mark: What you having to drink Bron?
Bron: lemonade please

Mark: Barman, get me a pint glass, put in a double vodka, archers, blue curaco and top-up with lemonade.

Bron: What's this?
Mark Blue lemonade!
Bron: It's not alcoholic is it?
Mark: No!

Boy do I have a lot to answer for!!

Bron, I put a comment in those sideways 'V' symbols and it doesn't show up but I can't edit my post! You'll have to fix that bug.

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