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Simon and I managed to catch a coach which we thought went up to Luton Airport, but once we were on board it turned out that it only went to Luton. We were then quite amazed when the bus driver offered to make a 5 mile detour to the airport for us once everyone had got off. We spent the night sleeping in a corner of the airport close to some Irish guys getting pissed noisily in the bar, but we still managed to get some rest.

I passed out on the way down to Menorca, which made it feel like a 20 minute flight, and woke up as we were landing. We caught a taxi into Mahon, and got a lift over to Zamindar. She looked fine, even though a 56 foot Farr had squeezed in as our next door neighbour. We spent yesterday sorting things up a bit on board, launching the dinghy, and wandering around town in the stifling heat. Id almost forgotten how much I loved living on board the boat, being in Spain, and next to the water, and it feels really good to get back home after months of travelling.

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