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Sailing past Cabrera

Right now we're sailing between the southern tip of Mallorca and the island of Cabrera. We left Portocolom just before midnight and I'm on watch until 06:00 but there's nothing much happening apart from the wind being in front of us, as usual. There is a full moon tonight, however, which means that I'm not just staring into the darkness until sunrise.

We rented a car and went out in Palma last night, though Tito's, the biggest club in town turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, with a poorly mixed selection of bad music. I also dropped my phone onto the marble floor in there, breaking the screen and making it unreadable, so unless I fly back to Thailand to get it repaired again, it may well have reached the end of it's useful life.

This morning while we were going ashore in the dinghy we saw a black shape swimming across the harbour. It turned out to be the dog from Restaurant Florian, which apparently has a crazed habit of jumping into the harbour and trying to swim to the other side so we rescued it and took it back to the restaurant.

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