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EU Expansion

Estonia turned out to be much nicer than I expected. I spent my last evening in a bar there before returning to Finland for Christmas and sat drinking some very large glasses of beer while I watched Estonians enjoying themselves. Lots of the girls were really attractive but strangely enough the guys all seemed to be deformed, as if evolution had left them behind and given them a liking for very bad haircuts and drainpipe trousers. They all shared a liking for 80's music, however, which was just as well as it was all you could listen to in the country, and everyone danced like they'd had an accident in their pants.

Tallinn really is a beautiful town, however, and although the country is obviously recovering from Soviet rule, things do seem to be changing quickly. Which is just as well, really, when you consider that next year they'll be joining the European Union. Which seems a little bit strange. I mean, I do understand the case for expanding the EU - the need for more fit women in it, but surely we should think about it carefully as we're also going to end up with lots of guys with crew-cuts wearing tight trousers.

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