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Ibiza Wi-Fi

I got up early and caught the ferry into Ibiza today, spent a lot of time sitting around in cafes, then had a long lunch, and met up with a group of guys who are working on building up a free wi-fi network on the island, Club Ibosim.

At the moment they've got an access point on top of one of the hotels in San Antonio which beams the signal across the bay, though you really need an external antenna to pick it up right now. They also have an access point in Cafe Guay in San Antonio and some pcs there with free internet access so they're certainly doing their bit to provide internet access.

After quite a bit of war-driving, this is some of the first wi-fi I've found on Eivissa, and I plan to give them a hand to build up the network when I return here in the spring.

I walked past Cafe Del Mar, which the sun was setting beautifully in front of, but which, like most things, was closed for winter, and caught the last ferry back to Formentera.

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