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Tangiers to Algeciras

I spent most of today in Tangiers then caught the ferry across to Algeciras in Spain. We passed lots of pilot whales in the straits, including a pod of them feeding in a circle on fish theyd rounded up, then we passed about a dozen dolphins - which always makes a trip.

Algeciras has improved since I was last here but its still a dump. Maybe some places are supposed to be, and no matter what you do, theyll never change. In the short time since I arrived back in Spain, everyone has been incredibly rude and I really feel the difference after being in the friendliness of an Arab country. Luckily, rather than having to stay in Algeciras for a short eternity, Ive managed to book onto the sleeper up to Madrid, which leaves in 30 minutes.


You are quite the traveling Fraggle again! See you Bristol soon?

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