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Danish Service

I've sent repeated emails to Speednames, the ironically named company I use for hosting, since Thursday, and still haven't received a reply from them regarding what's happened to the site. It seems pretty useless that a firm that allegedly handles webhosting for some of Denmark's large companies can't reply to an urgent email within five days, but having dealt with them before I'm not particularly surprised. Needless to say, however, I am extremely pissed off as I sit coding this entry in html, pasting it, then ftp'ing it to the site in order to update this page, and I'm urgently looking around for a reliable hosting company to move the site to.


Yes, I too have a very horrible experience with Speednames.com. They do not reply to my urgent mails at all! Even after weeks of waiting. I think we should highlight our plight to others so that they do not experience the trauma we are going through. To me, they simply ignored my email. And the worst thing is that I have been a client for 6 years.

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