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Bluetooth T-Shirt

The University of Singapore seems to have developed a Bluetooth t-shirt. Apparently it detects if you're falling, and if so tells your phone, which in turn contacts your relatives to pass on the bad news. Guess it could also update your blog to say that you've met your end and won't be writing anymore - which could be handy. Guess you just have to make sure that the fall is high enough so your phone has finished sending the message by the point of impact (and broken phone, messy t-shirt).

Nokia really should have been the ones to come out with this, surely, with Finland having the world's highest suicide rate - they could have even re-cut the N-Gage ads to say, "this is where I fell off..."


Bron should have come out with this really:-
"This is where I drank Blue Lemonade...."
"This is where I lost sight of land in a 10ft dinghy....."

got a camcorder MaRkY??
sounds like it needs to be made!

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