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Death By Ikea

ikea in arabic
Such is the desire to own even more bland, functional furniture that proudly declares a lack of individuality, that this week one man was stabbed and nine people hospitalised in the stampede to get into a late night opening of the Ikea in Edmonton, London. This mirrors what happened at another Ikea opening in Saudi Arabia just last year in which three people were killed in the excitement. Ok, so given the choice I too would sometimes go to Ikea if I had to, but their globalisation is doing more harm than McDonalds ever have. Now, I get lost and forget which country I'm in when I go into a flat in Singapore or a house in Glasgow, as everyone has the same Ikea chairs, beds, vases, and toilet brushes. Cafes all start to have the same Ikea candle holders and ashtrays. Interiors everywhere starts to look generic. Last year in Britain 33 million people flocked to their Ikea cathedrals in the hope of sacrificing yet more of their hard earned cash to the Swedish god of flat-pack furniture and doing their own small part to make the worlds' interior design that bit more dull.

Ironically, Ikea set up their own fake hate site and were running adverts allegedly by an organisation called the 'Elite Designers who Hate Ikea' to publicise the opening of the Edmonton store. The main webpage for that has since been pulled but some of the site still exists.


O, my mohammed! Yet another thing one should boycott.

Yes, I'm turning into such a fundamentalist these days!

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