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Haul Out

Monday morning was sunny and calm, so we got up early, motored across the marina, and they lifted Zamindar out of the water with the Travelift. It's always a bit stressful watching your boat being hoisted out of the water in slings, driven across the street, and propped up, and though I'm a bit more used to it now, Carita seemed a little concerned.

We then spent a couple of hours pressure-washing the hull clean, and we've been busy for the last days scraping the loose anti-fouling off.

We have to get an insurance survey done while the boat is out of the water, and as there aren't any properly qualified marine surveyors in Ibiza or Formentera, we have one flying over from Mallorca on Friday. Though with the anti-fouling still to do, and good weather needed for re-launching, it's really going to be touch and go if I'll be able to catch my flight out on Tuesday.

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