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Unstoppable Google?

Google seems to be adding new features at an unstoppable rate these days. Already I'm an avid user of Google Maps for plotting places I visit and to get better views of harbours and anchorages when sailing than most pilot books give. The recent leak of a beta version of Google Earth for the Mac lets me zoom right in to see the back garden of my old house. Google moon lets you explore what you expect it to, with an interesting surprise if you zoom right in.

Even the basic google search box now does lots more than just searching...

calculate 5+2*2
convert currencies 3.50 USD in Euros
unit conversions 2 pounds 1 ounce in grams
definitions define:World Wide Web
Q&A population of Finland
stock quotes stocks:goog

List of Google Search Features

The share price seems just as unstoppable these days as well, valuing the company at over $117 billion, more than any other media company in the world.

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