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October 19, 2006

Attack on Galle Naval Base

I realise I've been appalling at updating my blog over the last months so I've got some catching up to do and thought it was best to write something after yesterday's attack close to where we're living here.

I was in Colombo at the time, missing all the excitement, but the attack on Galle harbour was only 20km away from the house in Hikkaduwa - the explosions woke Faye up, who at first thought it was monkeys on the roof. Again, it's an attack on a purely military target, not a random bombing, but being the first attack for years in the south I wonder how things in the country are now going to change.

The military imposed a curfew on Galle, closed all the schools, and most of the public transport on that part of the coast wasn't running. Apart from that, it's probably easier to get information on it from elsewhere in the world than in Sri Lanka!

BBC report on Galle attack

BBC video