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February 16, 2009

Who Dares Wins

While trying to get some work done today in a True Cafe in Siam, I stumbled across one of my favourite comedy sketches on YouTube from an old Channel 4 show called Who Dares Wins that I hadn't seen for years.

Here's the sketch

And the first part of this is the original Gold Blend ad it was based on.

February 19, 2009

Temple of One Million Bottles

Ok, I have to blog this as it's online everywhere, is today's most viewed story on The Telegraph website... and I shot it.

The Sun - and their slideshow of 17 images
The Telegraph
Daily Mail
Google news

February 20, 2009

Twitter (#1230216010)

is glad the canon service centre in bangkok has fixed their coffee machine http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/1230216010

February 22, 2009

Twitter (#1236665110)

has been sitting on the bus to Koh Chang for so long his legs have gone to sleep http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/1236665110