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March 12, 2009

Mosha the Elephant

Here's a few quick links to a story I shot last week...

BBC News
The Telegraph
The Sun
Daily Mail
Sky News
B-Z Berlin
Metropolita.hu (Hungary)
Expressen (Sweden)
Radio China International

My favourite quote about it comes from the Guardian as they proclaim this the Best Week of Animal Stories Ever...
"You could focus on the landmine issue here, of course, but let's not. Let's look upon Mosha as a rare symbol of the good we can do - or at least the harm we can undo - if we put our minds to it."

March 15, 2009

Tokyo Landings

I landed in Tokyo yesterday morning after an all-night flight from Bangkok on which they didn't want us to get any sleep, and looked out the window at a wet, grey Narita airport. Too tired to appreciate being in the first world, and more concerned with the cold after 5 months in the heat, I made my way to my hotel. There, I discovered they wouldn't let me check in until 4pm so I headed into Ginza to distract myself.