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December 12, 2009

Twitter (#6604596348)

just visited the Sony World Photography Awards in Bangkok... inspiring stuff! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/6604596348

December 13, 2009

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looking forward to getting out of the Bangkok pollution & down to Koh Tao in a few days http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/6626785911

December 14, 2009

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7 days on detox - no alcohol, dairy, meat, caffeine or bread http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/6652624872

Elephant Massage

Here are some links to a story I shot at one of the elephant camps in Chiang Mai last week...

The Sun - The Full Body Massage, Sir?
Metro - Time for a Thai elephant massage
Daily Telegraph - Pictures of the Day
Daily Telegraph - Pictures of the Day

December 15, 2009

Twitter (#6685323383)

my mac has insomnia - it just won't go to sleep http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/6685323383

December 16, 2009

Twitter (#6742516015)

just had a 16gb flash card fail shooting video in middle of night - luckily haven't lost anything critical http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/6742516015

December 17, 2009

Twitter (#6758355010)

is back on Koh Tao! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/6758355010

December 19, 2009

Twitter (#6818018364)

is house hunting in Koh Tao http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/6818018364

December 22, 2009

Twitter (#6915755951)

just moved into a great house on koh tao - on top of a hill with an amazing view of the bay! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/6915755951

Twitter (#6917963922)

having a nice morning working by the beach at blue wind... wifi, coffee & turquoise water http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/6917963922

December 24, 2009

Twitter (#6986272425)

diving with bull sharks on Christmas eve http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/6986272425

December 28, 2009

Twitter (#7112488877)

no coffee. no milk. can brown rice coffee substitute with soya milk really be called a cafe latte?! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7112488877

Cobra Fighting

This was a pretty unusual shoot the other week in the middle of nowhere in Thailand...
The Sun - Bite Club
The Telegraph - Snake Fight
Telegraph Pictures of the day and week
The National, Pakistan
G1 Brazil

Twitter (#7125461947)

in Kuala Lumpur after boat, bike, bus, plane and almost being stranded en route from Koh Tao http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7125461947

December 30, 2009

Twitter (#7191808206)

looking forward to getting out of KL tonight to somewhere chilled... like Bangkok http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7191808206

December 31, 2009

Twitter (#7238879539)

Ending the year in Hippy De's, the bar where I started it. Ordered an Absolut & they asked if that was a bottle. Nice to be remembered! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7238879539

Twitter (#7240857850)

Happy New Year Thai time! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7240857850