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January 1, 2010

On the Move in a New Year

I'm sitting in the True Cafe off Koh San right now, the sun's going down outside and I'm just about to head out to get some dinner then catch the 21:00 bus down to Koh Tao. I reckoned there was no point hanging around in Bangkok and spending money on guesthouses when I've got the house down there so I crashed out about 02:00 last night after celebrating New Year fairly quietly and checked out of my room this morning.

January 2, 2010

Crocodile Show

This is from Samphran Crocodile Farm just outside Bangkok. The Daily Mail article has a particularly good transcript of my phone conversation with the writer!

The Sun - He's Posing for a Snap

Daily Mail - The world's most dangerous job?

G1, Brazil

Twitter (#7298692677)

back in Koh Tao, eating penang curry on the beach under the stars - chilled one tonight I think http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7298692677

January 8, 2010

Twitter (#7517559757)

Location Link http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7517559757

January 12, 2010

Twitter (#7657096151)

on the ferry to Koh Samui http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7657096151

Twitter (#7663377969)

in the supermarket buying a basketball for an elephant http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7663377969

Twitter (#7667831136)

just saw a Russian girl with the Puma logo tattooed on her shoulder - now that's bound to go out of fashion! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7667831136

January 15, 2010

Twitter (#7782972192)

trying to get my head around underwater optics... http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7782972192

January 16, 2010

Twitter (#7833091048)

what am I doing taking photos at midnight on a saturday night? I'm off to the bar! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7833091048

January 17, 2010

Twitter (#7864601434)

lost another pair of flip-flops the other night. the guy in the shoe shop here must think I'm the Imelda Marcos of flip-flops http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/7864601434

January 21, 2010

Twitter (#8020255754)

"I've been around so long, most editors think I'm dead." - Elliott Erwitt http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/8020255754

January 22, 2010

Twitter (#8066398294)

on the slow train to Ayutthaya http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/8066398294

January 24, 2010

Twitter (#8147063698)

shooting at a very Thai festival in the middle of nowhere with no idea what to expect http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/8147063698

January 25, 2010

Twitter (#8187868361)

if elephants never forget then why are they always late? http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/8187868361

Twitter (#8199754189)

these new pocketwizards rock! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/8199754189

January 26, 2010

Twitter (#8234097854)

just booked for Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai in March Link http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/8234097854