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April 7, 2010

Twitter (#11756271341)

on train 69 to Laos tonight http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/11756271341

April 15, 2010

Twitter (#12212703092)

back in Thailand after a whole day travelling the Mekong in tiny, insanely fast speedboats. http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/12212703092

April 21, 2010

Twitter (#12569800072)

shooting in 40c - so hot we've had to break so the elephants can cool off! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/12569800072

Twitter (#12571991254)

good day, nice shoot, & went through 24gb with the good old 5dII http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/12571991254

April 25, 2010

Twitter (#12839607896)

Shooting video from camera superclamped onto a speeding tuk-tuk at 2am http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/12839607896

April 27, 2010

Twitter (#12931391853)

UK advises against travel to all of Thailand Link http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/12931391853

Twitter (#12941201475)

just used an iPad for first time - really slick, photos look great on it. Shame it cant really handle raw files http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/12941201475

April 29, 2010

Twitter (#13059469138)

having to wear an 80% grey shirt for photoshopping thanks to Apple's shiny screens! http://twitter.com/bronek/statuses/13059469138