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October 29, 2002

Saddam Hussein's website

According to this article on Wired, Saddam Hussein's email account has been hacked into (no, it wasn't on Hotmail), and apparently they found lots of emails from American companies trying to sell him products. His homepage and short biography (English) are here, and his birthday is only two days after mine - it must be something about Taurians.

November 11, 2002

Kevin Mitnick's book

Someone has found and posted the first chapter of infamous hacker, Kevin Mitnick's book online, which was cut from the published version 'due to legal reasons'. In it, he tells his own side of the story. His girlfriend's blog, which documents their entire relationship is here. Maybe then I should be sharing more about my relationship with Nina online...

November 25, 2002

Ellen Feiss Talks

Ellen Feiss, the mysterious star of Apple's Switch campaign who's now become a cult celebrity has finally broken silence and given her first interview. The original Apple ad is here and this story covers an Ellen Feiss look-alike competition run by Mac freaks in Holland.

December 9, 2002

Underwater VR

Ever wanted to go scuba diving? This page (1.1Mb) will show you what it's like without going underwater. It's probably the first cubic virtual reality image ever created underwater, and lets you turn to look at what's happening all around you. It's taken by an Australian photographer called Mal Yeo, and it's pretty amazing I think. (requires Quicktime5)

November 15, 2003

Web Work

I've spent much of the last couple of days in Bristol installing movabletype (the same software this blog runs on) onto Berit's server for her, and she today, has been busy working on her new site.

I've also tidied up the moblog somewhat and it now shows bigger images too. I have in fact been working so hard lately that I've hardly even made it to the pub!

November 6, 2004



Here's a cool movie done in Finland in the style of the Knight Rider credits but called... LadaRaider (8.4Mb).

Obviously KITT has an ugly Russian cousin but at least David Hassellhof has been kept in the boot for the entire movie.

December 28, 2004


Just when I needed a haircut, Poland, home of my ancestors and the Pope, comes out with the latest innovation - Hotcuts. There, in the Warsaw salon, customers' grooming needs are met by girls dressed only in lingerie. Sounds much better than Toni and Guy...

January 29, 2005



Feeling somewhat better now and managing to keep my stomach inside my body, today I offer another essential iPod link.
Thanks, Happy Bonzo, Cornish Dragon, keep up the, eh, good work...

March 4, 2005

How to Swear in Any Language

Ever been abroad and wanted to swear at someone? No, me neither. But just in case one day you do, then The Alternative Dictionaries is the site for you, including one big, happy book of how-to-swear-all-over-the-world (892kb pdf). My Finnish teacher tells me there are some typos in it but she was still impressed when I told her to "Go ski into a c**t!"

March 10, 2005

Vice Magazine

In Glasgow last month Colin and I stumbled across free copies of Vice Magazine in a clothes shop in the city. Upon returning to the flat and studying it we soon discovered that this is no ordinary mag, with some of the most depraved, disturbing, and educationally rich content you've ever seen in print within it's laminated covers.

Even better though is their website. Full text of the stories, back issues, and pictures are all there, giving the enlightened web surfer masses of factual information and advice for life in these challenging times, answering questions such as why are single women with cats nuts?

May 6, 2005

Downloadable Origami

this is paper!
For someone who's all but forgotten how to use a pen I still have a strange fascination with stationery shops. Whilst in Ginza's massive stationery store Ito-Ya finding Carita a hanga woodcarving set I came across some amazing origami kits of lions and birds with life-like curved features.

Luckily I didn't buy any, however, as this evening whilst looking at outboards on Yamaha's website I bizarrely stumbled across downloadable origami. Not only do they have boring lions and 'rare animals of japan' but they also have realistic models of Yamaha motorcycles including an origami garage set complete with grease and a Snap-On tool chest! Just download them, print them out, and start putting them together!

"The challenge level and your satisfaction guaranteed!"

August 16, 2005


Freedocumentaries.org is exactly what it's name suggests - it's a good source of free documentaries to download in one place, saving you from scouring the internet for them. Many of them are related to the war in Iraq and American politics and include gems such as Fahrenheit 9/11 and a BBC documentary on the Bush family.

November 17, 2005

Superyacht on eBay

superyachtA 405 foot (123m) superyacht has just been up for sale on eBay for $168 million. The sale's ended now and it doesn't seem to have sold although it does sound quite nice.

Helicopter garage in the bow with retractable elevator provides the ultimate in protection and functionality for your helicopter, to better reach those remote area's.

Delivery not included and payment methods accepted include...
Cash (in person)