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November 30, 2002

Dinner in Ban Gaw

Had dinner with Nina tonight in our favourite Thai restaurant in Copenhagen, Ban Gaw. We've both loved Thai food since last year's Asian trip, though I know I'll be suffering the ring of fire tomorrow! One of the interesting things about Ban Gaw is that it's in Vesterbro, Copenhagen's red light district, and so has its fair share of aptly named bars like the Spunk Bar around it.

Found this on Google tonight, the Nina Rose doll, and it's only $15!

Nina Rose is such a lovely little doll and needs a home ..What a great addition to any room.

December 14, 2002

Christmas Food

double jointed Nina
Nina does party tricks
Lisbeth & Jesper
The weekend so far has mainly consisted of eating and drinking. We had dinner with Lisbeth and Jesper last night and far too much beer, then cycled home a bit pissed narrowly avoiding trees. This morning for breakfast we had a bad hangover, then dinner with Gitte and Michael tonight with lots more good food. Danes really do love to eat.

July 31, 2003

Tins from a Lost Age

Many people have asked me just how long tinned food can last, and my answer has normally been... forever. Tinned food is in fact the only thing which will still be living after a nuclear blast. Due to not going shopping yesterday and feeling particularly daring, last night I decided to test this theory out by cooking a tin of canneloni which I bought in Tenerife for the Atlantic crossing and which was manufactured six years ago. After carefully scraping the corrosion off the tin, it opened with a hiss of de-pressurisation, then I cooked it as per instructions, and it tasted... fine. As of today I appear to be suffering no ill effects. And in tomorrow's experiment...

August 17, 2003

Burger Boycott

We had big macs for breakfast yesterday to ease our hangovers, which was lovely, especially as it was the first time I'd had a McDonalds in six months. I'd stopped going whilst backpacking in Asia and spending increasing amounts of time with anti-globalists but the other day I remembered just how many McDonalds shares I owned and decided to re-think my boycott.

October 10, 2003

Something to Sink your Teeth Into

bumm burger
This surely has to be the best place to eat in Ibiza. How can you resist a Bumm Burger??

December 22, 2003

Estonian Menus

As part of my occasional series on bizarre menus from around the world, here's some of the food on offer in Beer House, a lovely bar and restaurant I ate in last night.

overcooked salmon with potatoes and vegetables
roast chicken crops
pigs ears with sauce
pigtails with garlic sauce
homely bratwurst
hunter's sausage stuffed with cheese
cheese plate
potato burgers with sour-cream
roast pettitoes
pike perch fillet in puff beer pastry
ice cream (walnut, prunes, cowberry jam)
sauna with resting room & jacuzzi for up to 15 persons

August 13, 2005

Carita's Birthday

It was Carita's birthday last weekend, as well as being two years since we met, and for the first time we were celebrating it in the Finnish summer rather than a Mediterranean heat-wave. We started off the day energetically with a game of paddle tennis, and everyone was amazed at just how bad we turned out to be.

Later, after some drinks and a bottle of champagne, I took Carita to Restaurant Michelle for dinner. Helsinki doesn't seem to have many slick-looking, independent, modern restaurants - most are very traditional in design and cooking, so Michelle seemed like a good option. The atmosphere was romantic and peaceful when we arrived, and we both had the fillet of reindeer, Daniel Saint sauce and cheese potatoes, which was perfectly cooked and bursting with flavour - really fantastic! Vegetables other than potatoes are unusual in Finnish cooking and it's often said that Finns get their stamina from sausage, beer, and sauna!

We'd been warned when we arrived that, as it was Saturday, there would be a band playing later, and by the time desert arrived the band was setting up and the bar area was getting packed with Finns in search of beer. We had the chocolate cake with berries and caramelled sugar, and the selection of three mousses. Desert and cake isn't given the same priority in Finland as in many other countries, and isn't considered an essential part of a good meal, so it's often disappointing. This, unfortunately, was no different, so we paid the bill, dodged out before the band started, and went home to have a lovely bottle of wine, determined in future to find a good source of cake in the capital.