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May 18, 2002

I've just uploaded my photos

I've just uploaded my photos from the Amazon (not to be confused with Amazon.com) after about 5 days of scanning and working on them. Slowly I'm trying to archive my collections of photos to the site but of course I continue taking more and never really seem to catch up. Hope you like them as it was a fantastic place, and I just hope that it doesn't all get cut down.

June 15, 2002

Today was a typical day

Today was a typical day for me here in Porto Colom. I did a bit of work on
the boat, went swimming, had a coffee, then ended up in my usual bar for a
beer in the evening. I've got a rental car booked for tomorrow and I'm
planning to take my laundry into Palma for a day out as it's been mounting
up since Florida... five months ago!

Chilling out this evening in my local bar

September 13, 2002

Balearics photographs

After spending lots of hours over the last week working on them, I'm happy to say that the photographs of everything (well, most things) that we got up to in the Balearic Islands this summer are now up on the site.

Balearic photographs

September 19, 2002

China Photographs

The photographs from our trip to China are now up on the site as well.

China photographs

September 28, 2002

Photos from Hong Kong

Photos from our time in Hong Kong last year are now up on the site
Hong Kong photos

There's some worrying news around these days with the ongoing threat of a new war, but worst of all is this story from the BBC
Blondes 'to die out in 200 years'

October 22, 2002

Fox encounter

Last week was the October holiday here in Denmark. Chris was over to see Berit, Nina was off university, and we all ate and drank far too much. Chris had his credit card retained by an ATM for no reason at all, and was lucky to retrieve it before they sent it to the UK, where he no longer lives. ADSL was finally installed into the flat on Friday, giving us an always-on connection, except when windows98 crashes, which is half of the time.

We spent the weekend at the summerhouse with Lisbeth and Jesper, and on Saturday evening we all sat down to eat a lovely dinner of steak. The back door is right next to the table, and it was open to let in some fresh air when suddenly Nina shouted that a dog had just come in and run out again. We jumped up and looked out onto the porch to see a fox holding one of Nina's trainers in it's mouth, which it had just grabbed from inside! Nina, whilst being amazed to see a fox so close, was a bit concerned in case her trainer got rabies, and so I was sent out to retrieve it from the fox. It dropped it happily, as I'm sure it didn't taste very good, and I got it back, but the fox was really tame and just stood looking at me so we gave it some steak, which it seemed to like, and eventually we sat down to dinner again. It continued to look through the window at us for twenty minutes or so until finally it wandered off into the trees again.

(all pictures on this page can be clicked for a bigger image)

November 26, 2002

Scotland photos

I've just posted the rest of the photographs I took in Scotland, and now you can leave comments on them too.

Scotland trip photos

November 28, 2002

Thailand photos

I've now put up the photographs we took last year in Thailand.

Thailand photos

June 7, 2003


I've just uploaded some of the videos I shot in Oman and Thailand on the video page though they'll be slow downloads unless you've got a broadband connection.

August 1, 2003

Ibicenco Sunset

sunset from espalmador
It's been quite a lazy week here in the anchorage. Been doing a few jobs on the boat, swimming, and chilling out watching the sun go down. Here's a shot I took tonight of the sunset from the anchorage here in Espalmador... whilst drinking San Miguel and eating Doritos and Salmon Philadelphia.

November 11, 2003


I've just implemented a new feature into the site, a moblog, or mobile blog. The idea is it lets me send a picture and caption directly from my phone and it's uploaded, thumbnailed, and displayed almost instantly in a webpage.

I've been wanting to add one of these to the site for a long time so that although the photos won't be such high quality, they will be much more real-time than they normally are by the time I've got around to photoshopping a trip. I will still continue uploading pics from my other cameras to other parts of the site though. Expect this part of the site to change and gradually grow into something else. Right now I've set it up on Phlog.net which handles the email transfer work as I'm unable to get admin priviledges on the server I'm hosting with to set it up myself.

bronek.org moblog

November 13, 2003

Moblog Redesign

I've re-designed the whole moblog format on the page, this time using the wonderful emailing services of Mfop2 and the latest few images I've sent from my phone should now show on the right. Clicking on 'view all images' will take you through to any images that have dropped off the bottom, but for the moment they're all small pics.

That took 4 hours - now I really need to get to bed......

March 17, 2004

Cornish Exposure

Anyone who saw the pictures of Carita and I rolling in the snow after a Finnish sauna will appreciate this wonderful recreation of the shot from Simon - taken in the snow in Cornwall!

Originally posted on Carita's blog

April 18, 2004

Elephant Videos

I've been taking advantage of Simon's broadband connection today and trying to work on some of the photos and videos that have been piling up whilst I've been travelling.

Here's some of the videos we shot whilst in Thailand at Mae Sa Elephant Camp.

Elephant painting (1.89Mb)
Elephant scratching it's arse (4.00Mb)
Elephants bathing in the river (6.43Mb)
Elephants dancing and playing the mouth organ (4.87Mb)
Carita giving an elephant the last of our water (2.24Mb)

June 17, 2004

Beware of the Dog

mad ira
After looking around for a "Beware of the Dog" sign and not being able to find a decent one I decided to make my own. Unfortunately, it hasn't turned out quite how I envisaged it...

August 20, 2004

New Photo Systems

A few weeks ago the power button fell off my trusty Fuji camera. After reading lots of reviews for a replacement I ended up with Canon's Powershot S60 and the Sony W1 (or W12 as they call the black version for some reason) on my shortlist. Canon, with their long experience in making cameras have endowed the S60 with several functions like exposure bracketing and a nice 28mm (equiv) lens. The Sony on the other hand is just a bit more advanced on the electronics side with a lovely big, sunlight readable display, faster transfer, and much better video recording. All the reviews said the picture quality on both was very good. It was a long, hard choice but finally I opted for the Sony and I'm very happy with it.

Here are some of the shots I've taken recently with it;
Ibiza photos

I'm using a new system for uploading and displaying them on the site called Gallery which links nicely into iPhoto using the iPhotoToGallery plug-in. I now just have to select the photos I want in iPhoto on the Mac, click export, and it resizes them and uploads them to the site. Most of these shots aren't Photoshopped at all but the colour balance is much better on this camera so they need fewer adjustments. Previously, photoshopping and uploading a set of photos would take about six hours work and I'm so far behind uploading photos from trips I've made that I need a faster system. Gallery also lets you choose the size of image you would like to view and watch a slideshow of the shots as well as some other features. Any problems or comments using it appreciated.

October 28, 2004

Dog Trip Photos

The photos from the Dog Trip are now up on the main photo page.

December 16, 2004

Sweden Photos

I'm back in Finland now after flying over from Stockholm and having a wonderful time in Sweden. I didn't get much of a chance to write about all the great partying we did at the weekend in Torsby, so here instead are some of the photos which tell the story pretty well.

Sweden photos

December 22, 2004

Stock Photography


Probably the worst stock photograph ever.

- from Getty Images
via jamjar

January 13, 2005

Lapland Photos

The photos from our trip up to Lapland at new year are finally (after a few days of technical hitches) up on the site.

Lapland photos

March 3, 2005

Flickr Moblog

One of the reasons I bought a Nokia this time was because their cameraphones included an upload program that could be hacked to send photos directly into the gallery software I run on the site. The 6630, ironically, turns out to be the first phone that doesn't have this functionality (instead just letting you upload to Kodak online) so I've been trying to figure out how best to upload photos from the phone to the site in realtime. Although I prefer to keep all the photos on my own site, I've decided to try Flickr, one of the best photo-sharing applications on the web, for the moment and see how it works out.

May 11, 2005

Japan Photos

Sometimes there's too much to see on a trip, you take too many photographs, and when you get back and have to go through them all, spending days in front of iPhoto and Photoshop, you regret it and yearn for the days of slide film again. A selection of the photos from the Japan trip, however, are finally up on the site, my eyes feel like they're on fire, it's late, and I really have to go to bed.

Japan photos

August 14, 2005

Spain Photos

The photographs from my time sailing in Spain this summer are now up on the site.

Spain 2005 photographs

September 15, 2005

Cycle Trip Photos

The photos from my cycle trip are now up on the site. It's also running Gallery 2 now with some nice improvements which I'm migrating all the photos over to.

Cycle Trip Photos

November 9, 2005

Morocco Photos

DSC03996_1-t.jpgFinally, after what seems like an eternity, I've got all the photos from my trip to Morocco with Colin up on the site...

Morocco photos

December 12, 2005

UK Trip Photos

Glasgow at nightOne of the reasons I went over to Britain was to replace my camera as my previous one suffered a broken LCD in the summer. It kept on working until the lens jammed one evening last month... and then it came off in my hand whilst I was 'fixing' it. So as soon as I arrived in Scotland I bought myself a Canon 350D which I'm very happy with and it feels wonderful to be back using an SLR again and have full creative control after years of using digital compacts.

Here are some of the shots from that UK trip...

December 14, 2005

Body Painting

Carita was modelling for one of her friends who was doing a body painting test in make-up school last week. Before it she'd been surprised to find she didn't have to be naked, but as things turned out on the day, it seems that the Finns are becoming more modest and she was the only one who was even topless.

December 18, 2005

Finland Photos

Ira in the forest
Here's some of the photos I've taken in my comings and goings in Finland this year, some of which have been on the site for a while, others are new.

December 31, 2005

Reflections of 2005

reflections with IM Jolly
Back in the days long ago when I lived in Scotland and television programmes would finish at midnight, the last programme of the day was 'Reflections'. Presented by a different priest or minister every week, they would sit and invite the late night drink-sodden public to reflect over their day in a subtle yet guilt-inducing Christian manner.

Well, today I am your Rev I.M. Jolly, sitting in a leather armchair with my bottle of whiskey and inviting you to reflect over all your sins and pleasures as we reach the end of yet another year.

Have a happy and fulfilling New Year when it arrives, go in peace, and rest assured that I love you all.

April 18, 2006

Thailand and Laos Photos

Finallly, I've got the photos from Laos and Thailand up on the site...
Thailand photos
Laos photos

July 1, 2006

Le Mans Photos

Our shots and Nick's feature from Le Mans are now up on Channel 4's 4Car site, which show and tell just what we went through to cover the event!

Le Mans 2006 - diesels, Danes and a beer mountain
Le Mans photo gallery 1
Le Mans photo gallery 2

January 29, 2008

Galle Literary Festival 2008

I've been photographing the Galle Literary Festival this year - lots of new friends and late night parties - and finally after lots of editing, the shots are now up at


May 5, 2008

Sri Lanka Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Sri Lanka hot air balloon festival article I shot last month has just been published in Sri Lanka Airlines magazine and I'm very happy to have got the cover.

Sri Lanka hot air balloon festival article

May 27, 2008


Last weekend Faye and her mum treated me to a couple of days in Talangama Villa - a lovely, modern villa next to Talangama Lake and nature reserve, which Faye and I had all to ourselves. Duleep, our regular tuk-tuk driver took us there through the maze of tiny roads that wind between huge houses, and we wondered if he would ever find his way back to Colombo alone.

The shock of suddenly finding yourself somewhere serene and peaceful with only the sound of birds after a week in the pandemonium of Colombo is incredible. It really felt like we'd gone far, far away rather than just a tuk-tuk ride - it was so relaxing.

We spent most of the time evenly divided between swimming in the pool and eating the fantastic food their chef seemed to continually prepare for us. Gehan dropped by in the evening and we did a bit of bird and bat-watching at his nearby hide. Very generously, he left his 600mm lens for me to use for the rest of the weekend - which is just about the biggest lens that Canon make - and very easy to get used to!

Hungover from too much good wine and terrific food as we were, I therefore had to make good use of it and get up the following morning to photograph some of the birds on the lake. We then spent the rest of the day chilling out and eating too much before returning to the dirt and pollution of the city.

February 19, 2009

Temple of One Million Bottles

Ok, I have to blog this as it's online everywhere, is today's most viewed story on The Telegraph website... and I shot it.

The Sun - and their slideshow of 17 images
The Telegraph
Daily Mail
Google news

March 12, 2009

Mosha the Elephant

Here's a few quick links to a story I shot last week...

BBC News
The Telegraph
The Sun
Daily Mail
Sky News
B-Z Berlin
Metropolita.hu (Hungary)
Expressen (Sweden)
Radio China International

My favourite quote about it comes from the Guardian as they proclaim this the Best Week of Animal Stories Ever...
"You could focus on the landmine issue here, of course, but let's not. Let's look upon Mosha as a rare symbol of the good we can do - or at least the harm we can undo - if we put our minds to it."