helmikuu 20, 2004

Down South to Thailand

From Scotland we headed down to Bristol to Chris's where we stayed the night. And early next morning we continued to London Heathrow where we caught a flight with Royal Jordanian Airlines to Amman, the capitol of Jordan. The flight staff were very friendly and provided pillows, blankets, blindfolds, earphones and decent enough food and drinks, which seemed very luxurious after flying back and forth with Ryanair. There was a kid behind me that I wanted to strangle a little bit though. The little noisy bastard kept kicking my chair through the whole flight.

In Amman airport we spent a few hours waiting for our connecting flight to Bangkok. I was wearing my Arabic scarf of course (shamag) and I got a very friendly welcome from the airport staff and security guards. They suggested that I could get a couple of guns to match my outfit . People were very friendly there. We were thinking that maybe on our way back we would stay a bit longer and go see the ancient city of Petra and catch up on my camel riding skills.

The flight to Bangkok felt very long, but I managed to sleep a little. It was so hot in the airport, which was a nice change. And seeing the beautiful orchids in the airport made me very happy. Thais have the orchids planted every where like Finnish have begonias (for example) on their balconies. From the airport we caught a bus through the busy centre of Bangkok to the backpacker district (or how the locals like to call it the backpacker ghetto, which probably is more accurate). We "found" a nice guesthouse called my house, which we have now made our home away from home.

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