helmikuu 21, 2004

Culture Shock

Feeling still a bit jetlaged, but my stomach is doing better now (thank god for Burger King and McDonalds!). The food is very spicy and light compared to all the creamy and buttery stuff that I usually like to munch down. There is one dish that I know I will miss when returning to Europe: banana pancakes. You get them from the street and they are crispy, sweet, filled with bananas and very delicious. They have been keeping me alive as well.

The centre of Bangkok for a newcomer like my self can be bit overwhelming, especially for a small town girl (Lohja 10.000- Bangkok 10.000.000 people).
Crazy traffic, I wonder why there aren't any Thai rally drivers.
Pollution, sometimes it a bit difficult to breath.
A lot of people.
Shopping centres, they are everywhere and you can buy everything from them. I havent decided yet if they are heaven or hell, i finally might have found my match.
On the other hand the Thais are very polite.
Somehow even in a big crowded city they seem to have space for vegetation.
Beautiful temples (wats).
Everything is cheap.
Buddism seems to make people calm.
For the first time I seem to have a "decent" culture shock!

Posted by carita at 21.02.04 17:18
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