helmikuu 25, 2004

Jim Thompsons House

A house of an old CIA agent, Jim Thompson, is located near the centre of Bangkok. It's a beautiful place close to a small paradise. A good place to get away from the city crowds. it has a beautiful rainforest like garden, old statues, beautiful houses and a really nice cafe and a restaurant next to a big fish pond where you can relax and have a cup of tea.

We had a tour into the main house which cost about 100b (2). It was interesting. The guy travelled a lot of course being a spy and brought a lot of stuff from his travels including the main building wich he made into an interesting.... kokonaisuus (ok that isn't English but if someone can think what kokonaisuus is in English than I'd be grateful!). He was also a business man and had his own silk factory just across the river. Mysteriously sometime ago he vanished in to the mountains of Malaysia and was never heard of since... maybe 007 finally caught up with him. He had a room that had a make up stand for children and on the table a small cat shaped potty for boys and in his own bedroom he had a small frog shaped potty for girls, but the guy didn't seem to have any children. Well he did seem to be a bit of a dirty old man from the photos.

The staff were a bit too friendly which means that the tourists from the big hotels are mainly their customers. We saw this fat and rude American woman who was shouting in a big voice, "Hell no, I'm not paying a 100 dollars to get in!" and then she left with her husband like she was being insulted. Some people just are stupid.

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