helmikuu 22, 2004

Cats, Dogs and Lord Buddha

I was told that cats are the closest thing to the lord buddha, but because the Thais don't want anything to be as perfect as the buddha, they break the cats tails. This is also supposed to be the place where Siamise cats are from but so far i havent seen any. The cats seem to be doing much better than the dogs though, because they are more dependent on humans to supply them food and shelter. It can be heartbreaking to see.

Ira should be bloody grateful! :)

Posted by carita at 22.02.04 17:25

Ira is getting a bit fat and she seems to be very grateful..
have nice time !!

Posted by: mk on 26.02.04 07:38

Yes im sure she is enjoyng her time there. :)
Love u mom!

Posted by: Carita on 26.02.04 13:50
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