helmikuu 29, 2004

International Conflict

We had a small incident at our guest house the other night. At our floor was a bunch of americans that had been raising hell and keeping everybody awake for many nights. Some people, me included, asked them nicely to keep their voices down with poor results. One night after listening to their highly intelligent conversations about nhl and how easy it is to get shot in LA, in the backround Eminen rapping his tonsils off, they finally left. I went for a cigarette on the balcony and tried to get a glimpse at them. One of them returned terribly pissed and started banging on his friends door not realising that they had left. After a while I lost my temper a little and may have pointed out to him that he was a f.....g idiot and a retard. Which didnt lead for the hoped result of him buggering off after apologising his behavour, instead he broke down the door. But thankfully they got kicked out the next day. I was the one though who started to be aggressive and i feel ashamed that i lowered myself to his level. My karma is now dented.

I apologise for the following to all the nice and smart americans which I'm sure exist, but I have to express my anger. All the americans i have enccountered so far have been total idiots. They dont give a flying fuck about other nations or their people, I have never encountered people who are so stupid, selfish and ignorant!
Shame on you.

Posted by carita at 29.02.04 19:15
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