maaliskuu 13, 2004

Tick, Tack, Tick

Another sleepless night after returning to Bangkok yesterday.
We booked into My House which felt a bit like returning home.

That night wasn't as nice though. I woke up feeling that there was something crawling all over me and after getting up and switching the light on the horror was revealed to me. Both of our beds were infested with ticks, thirsty for our blood. I woke Bron up who was fast asleep inspite of the hundreds of bedbugs and ticks swarming around him (in fact he wanted for a minute to go back to bed in spite of it all). After the shock we estimated that it was time to abandon the room.

Forced to leave in the middle of the night we chose another guest house near My House called Rambatturi Village, which is still under construction, but before we could continue our interrupted sleep there, we had to wait for the check in which started at six a clock in the morning. So we had a good few hours, which we decided to spend in one of the bars on the street.

The room we are in now is good otherwise, but the builders start early in the morning.

Today has been nice and easy, going through my bag and stuff searching for remaining little blood sucking monsters and washing all my clothes so if there were any they would drown. I also got the chance to read some of my brand new edition of Lord Of The Rings, which was nice.

Bron went to complain about the creepy crawlies back in My House and they were very apologetic about the situation and gave us our money back and Bron promised to try to talk me into returning to stay there.( Fat chance, say I!) Apparently they have had problems before and once some place gets infected with them it's almost impossible to get rid of them.

Tonight we went to bed with a light heart of the fact that this room is almost brand new and surely without any blood sucking, disease spreading, useless little bealsebubs exept for an occasional mosquito.

Surprise! After installing my earplugs and finally getting a comfortable position, on the edge of sleep I feel something trying to climb into my relaxed nostril, yes it was one of our new friends from last night. I got up with every possible Finnish swear word on my tongue, waking poor Broninski up (who is suffering from a cold) with a fright.

With poor results he tried to calm me down by telling me that it was just one which managed to sneak in, hiding in our luggage. (probably true, but it is a bit upsetting to have an insect crawl in one of the forbidden holes. Thank god I had my earplugs on!)

So here I am at four a clock in the morning, sipping my coke amongst drunken Swedes and Americans, again wide awake, unable to sleep but tired, feeling the phantom crawlies all over me and scratching my self like the scabby stray dogs, which are for some odd reason gathering around me as if they're feeling symphathetic to my ordeal, pissed off and writing my blog.


Posted by carita at 13.03.04 10:22

Hi Carita,
So sorry to learn of your blood sucking little
bastards, I would find it hard to sleep as well.

Just focus on all the lovely things u have seen
and done on your travels.

Here is my way of cheering u up (pppsss don't
show Bron ;)
me rolling in the snow after a sauna

Love and kisses to u both


Posted by: cornish dragon on 14.03.04 22:04

Thanks Simon, but for some reason i couldnt see the site, maby this pc has a block for exrated stuff as well. ;)


Posted by: Carita on 16.03.04 07:21

finally saw the pic. it is good all the way to the rubber boots and gruger. ;)
Is there still that much snow?

Posted by: Carita on 17.03.04 08:24
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