maaliskuu 18, 2004

Queen of Insects

I was having a lovely relaxed day reading my book (lord of the rings still) in our hotel room while broninski was out in the city doing his stuff.

I was about to go on our balcony for a smoke and just as I was climbing out of the window a huge insect flew straight at me. As it was very close to my face I screamed and jumped on the bed and ran to the door struck by horror.

My first thought was that it was a big cockroach and I hid in the bathroom for a good while before I got the courage to come out and meet the scary beast.

Carefully I approached the corner of the bed where it had landed and to my new horror I saw that it was not a cockroach, but an enormous fly looking monster that sat quietly. I ran back to the bathroom.

Thinking of ways to get rid of it: I thought to wait for Bron to come back and rescue me, but he would have probably ran away screaming as well, I thought of trying to catch it in a bin, but I didn't know if it was hungry for blood, so I didn't want to disturb it's peace.

I put my clothes on very carefully and slipped out the door. I went to the reception for help.

I told about this monster bug that had invaded our room and a middle aged Thai man came to my aid.

As we got in the room I pointed the creature's whereabouts to him and backed off to the door. Wearily he went to find it and when he did he made a big sigh of gladness. He grabbed it in his hand and came towards me. I escaped into the corridor and the dialogue went something like this:

me: no, no ,no! Dont bring it near me!
Him: no, no, no! Its ok, it's good, we eat it.

Of those words I calmed down a little and got the courage to approach it. Not in a hope for an evening snack, but in curiosity.

It was a greyish fly-like thing, only it was 10cm long and 3cm thick with big sturdy see through wings that made an ear breaking sound when it rubbed them together while the man was holding it. He told me that that's their call to mate and that they are quite harmless and tasty.

We had heard this loud noise before in many places coming from the trees at night, but we lived in the belief that the cause of the noise was tree frogs.

I am beginning to belive that the reason why I attract these things is that either I'm the queen of insects or was I Hitler in my past life?

Posted by carita at 18.03.04 19:36

carita, try to be sure what you are eating out there ;)

Posted by: MK on 22.03.04 07:14

Dont worry, I wasnt planning to make it in to a snack. :)

Posted by: Carita on 24.03.04 13:53

Moiks! Mitä kuuluu? Ville löys tän sun sivun. Meilaa mulle mitä sulle kuuluu. Meilläki on nyt tää netti ollu kotona jo jonkin aikaa, ni vois vaikka tälleen olla yhteyksis jos ei muuten :)

Posted by: Mallu on 29.03.04 11:31

No Moikka!!
Lahetin sulle emailia toivottavasti tuli perille?
Lennan suomeen 7 paiva et koht taas nahaan.
Haleja!!!! Ja Siljalle paljon pusuja!!!!

Posted by: Carita on 31.03.04 07:50
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