marraskuu 18, 2003

All roads lead to Turku and back.

About two weeks ago i was here at my parents place watching tv ,when my phone rang. It was my friend Kerttu wanting to know when i come to Turku. She left me no choise but to leave Lohja the next day. So i did.
I got on the bus to Turku and i haveto say that the bus personel were wery FUCKING rude, i mean if you dont like to work with people GET A NOTHER JOB! Its not my fault you are an hour late!
Kerttu picked me up from the bus stop an we headed to her place, first ofcourse we bought some nice finnish cider.
It was wery nice to see all my friends, but soon i found out that there was a dark cloud hovering on the city. One from the groop had died in a car accident and many other things werent looking so bright. BUT the BEER still floas. My friend Jarmo was kind enough to feed and accomond me at his home. Late night Animatrix with a few "puff"s was wery good im not so sure about Naced lunch though ;)
I also visited my dear friends Mallu the mom, Ville the dad and Silja my god daughter.
Silja had grown alot and she talks also quite a bit. Shes so lovely, in the night i woke up that she had come next to me. ;)
Ofcourse all of us had to go out to party (all but Silja), and it was nice to be out with old friends but the bars and clubs were a little disapointing after Ibiza...
well at least i got wery drunk.
All together it was wery nice to visit, but i remembered wery fast why i wanted to leave in the first place. Its so hard to get used to the darkness, the first few days that i stayd i could feel my energy draining out of me. I hope that it starts snowing soon so it would be a bit more brighter.
Also i noticed that my friends seemd to be wery far from me ,my life has gone so different direction while i have been travelling. Its hard to explain, but still it was nice to return to the people that i have missed for 7 months.
I still love them all to bits!

O, and i haveto mention..... I was at a rotweiller trainer and Ira ,my baby was the BESTof her class. She is one intelligent dog and my parents have taken good care of her . (why should one be modest!?)

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marraskuu 03, 2003

Back in Suomi!

Back to Finland again and reunited with my lovely dog Ira, but something is missing loving boyfriend Bron whom at the moment is in rainy Scotland. I miss him so much that my hart hurts, but hopefully soon we shall be reunited too. ;)
I landed in Tampere airport on thursday night and continued to helsinki by buss and train (fucking expencive.. costed me more then my flight from England!) Anyway it was wonderful to see my family again. My friends seem to be happy to see me too (i hope) i was taken on halloween night to Helsinki to do some serious partying :)... very nice nigth. Halloween by the way in finland is called holymens day , but the Amerikan way is trying to settle here too.
Now im going to relax for a few days and spend time with my dog.

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