joulukuu 28, 2003

Lord of the rings

We went to sea the last part of lord of the rings; Return of the King.
And I haveto say that Im not worthy of critisising it.
Lord of the rings trilogy is the greatest movie ever made.
I cried like a baby in the end and i could not talk for a long time after it. The director of it made an incredible job… It was also surprising to find out that the same guy is also responsible of low budjet splatter movies cald Bad taste and Brain dead (wich in my opinion are terrible.), also not to be forgotten the wonderful actors and ewerybody that was working in it. IT (they) WAS PERFECT!
J.R.R Tolkien who bild this story during his life is brobably smiling somewhere now.
Thak you for this trilogy and thank you Tolkien of these encredible stories wich will never grow old.
Thank you.

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joulukuu 22, 2003

Pea soup my style!

One of my favorite foods is pea soup . I hated it when i was little, but now every time i travel it's one of the things i miss the most. The best way to make it ...... start by buying a big can of peasoup, you can also make it from scratch but I think it's best from the can. Take a pot and boil a little bit of water, add the peasoup, a bit of butter, garlic and french cream. Let it boil for a while and make sure it's not too runny. Slice fresh onion very small, add the onion and a bit of mustard on top of your soup. Eat with black bread and a huge glass of frosty milk.... Mmmmmm goood!! Buon apetit!
In January we in Finland have a special day that we only eat pea soup and creambuns. Its called (sraight translation) the going down hill day, on which we go down hill with a sleigh or do other winter sports. Pea soup is also good if you are hiking , its easy, it fills you up, it has loads of energy and in my opinion it tastes so good!

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joulukuu 20, 2003

Bear tracks in the forest

I was taking the dogs out for a walk with my mum, when we found fresh bear tracks. We got in a hurry to go back to the car with the dogs, but even if the bear would have still been around I doubt that it would have attacked... Wish I could say the same about the dogs. It was very unusual to make such a finding this time of the year, because they have been hibernating almost two months now. Something has probably disturbed it or the unusually warm weather has woken it up. Anyway it was very close to where people live and i wouldn't want to bump into a disturbed hungry teddybear alone in a forest. Bears are very intelligent, before it goes to hibernate it checks about 5 other nests so if it gets disturbed it alredy knows where to go next. I hope this one had another nest handy somewhere.

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joulukuu 07, 2003

Something About Mary

It's been a while since I've written on my blog. Well finally my long missed boyfriend came to Finland. All of my family insisted to come to the train station to meet him. I tried to talk my dad in to staying home and polishing his rifles ... I'm sure it would have given Bron a good scare seeing my father the first time with a gun in his hand.. Well I thought it would have been funny, but Bron always says that I'm a bit of a psycho. Anyway I think meeting my whole family at the train station was a shock enough. Everybody gets on wery well, except us and two noisy guineypigs who keep us awake at night. ..very soon they got transferred to the sauna though... I'm sure they'll be very warm and comfy there. Ira was causing some problems too, by being jealous but we have gotten through that quite well. Säpinä loved him instantly , it shows that Bron is a small dog person. Well he has had a small yorkshire terrier called Pal before.... Oh, or he always said that he was very big, but how big can a yorkshire grow...... Säpinä is usually very vicious so it was a rare thing for her to accept someone instantly. It's almost like from the movie something about mary.

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