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April 3, 1993

Word for Windows

Called Jim Armstrong tonight. We discussed setting up a joint venture for importing tobacco and marketing it in Scotland and it looks interesting. Tonight I also finally managed to get all of 'Word for Windows' working! I'd worked on it until 03:00 this morning

April 8, 1993

Up at 06:00

I've been wakening up about 6am lately, lying in bed and watching the BBC business news, then getting up, having breakfast, and doing some work in the office. At the weekend I worked on a mailshot for wholesaling Linden, I now have to create a mailing list.

April 10, 1993

Country Club

I've been up to the Country Club tonight, worked out and had a swim.

April 12, 1993


Went to Century 2000 on Saturday night with Ged after a 1hour 50 minute mass. On Monday I was up early as usual and working in the office at the back of 7am. I was in the shop most of the day, and when I got home I was straight back into the office, and carried on working until about 01:30. Completed most of the ITL promotion.

Today has been fairly upbeat also, and it's gone in quite quickly. Brian dropped into the shop, and I've been trying to tidy the place up a bit. I called Jim Armstrong tonight, and he's due in Gleneagles next week so we might have dinner.

April 24, 1993

Fitness Evaluation

Last week I had my fitness revaluation, it wasn't too good & they've told me I have to sleep as well which seems to be the problem. I went out clubbing with Ged last night, Friday. He took the car & we drove to Stirling, decided the place was a dive, then drove to Dunfermline & went to quite a good club there - Marquis or something. Got home at 03:00 this morning so I'm having an early night & I'm a bit knackered.

I've been looking at cars this week. Monday I got BMW brochures, Tuesday I got Mercedes, and Wednesday I got Porsche brochures. Very sexy.

Met Jim up in Gleneagles on Wednesday night, well actually he came into the sunbeds looking for me! Had dinner with him in the Dormy House but was later asked to leave the hotel bar as I wasn't wearing a jacket and tie so I decided that I need to smarten myself up. So on Friday I spent �99 on a green double-breasted jacket from Marks & Spencer which I really liked until I saw someone else wearing one today as well!

I'm going to really find out about importing. A customer was in today who was in a massive tobacconists in Amsterdam, "The place to buy your tobacco in the Netherlands", and apparently they operate a mail-order service anywhere. So I'm going to look into importing from them.

April 26, 1993

22nd Birthday

My birthday. I'm 22 now.

Jim Armstrong called twice in the evening. I got deals on Gizeh papers, a good one on Martins tobacco, and a price on a new tobacco I persuaded him to get, Look Out.

It's been a lovely day today. I'm going to do well this year, I can feel it, and make a lot of money. Watched the Pirelli advert with Sharon Stone, and a 600SEL AMG Merc!!! Growl!

April 27, 1993

Made Bank Manager Nervous

Copied a list of ITL directors from Kompass in the library. Robin Welch called from TSB to say that they would not drop our bank charges; they're virtually doubled. I made him nervous on the phone (surprisingly), and told him that I wouldn't accept that.