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May 3, 1993

Drove to Kercock

Yesterday I cut some of the grass & went off to the Country Club where I had a good workout, and spoke to Stewart afterwards. Then I dropped in on Brian, Gillian, John, & Co. in the Royal Oak, and the three of us drove up the Law Hill, then onto Kercock where the moon lit up the water and patches of mist lay in pockets across the land. Got home at 01:30, and ate till 02:30.

May 5, 1993

Working on VAT return

Wednesday. I've been doing my VAT return since I got home tonight. Yesterday, realising that I needed to cheer myself up, I called Richard Armstrong to ask if his offer of getting me a discount on a new car still stood. It does. I called him today with my shortlist; Mercedes 320CE, 320TE, Porsche 968 and BMW 540i. Should hear from him soon. Lets hope he can do something good. Have to get back to my VAT now.

May 28, 1993

I can feel it...

I think I'm finally ready to buy a Porsche.