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August 1, 1993

Mensa meal

I went to a Mensa meal then out with Ged tonight. Helped an ambulance find the fishers' bothy when I got back though as I'm staying in Balmerino.

August 4, 1993

Moving back from Balmerino

I drove over to Balmerino tonight. I was picking up my stuff and moving back. I walked along the beach, I'd just been told mum had to go in the following Wednesday to find out if she has cancer or not. I was scared. It was quite a calm evening as the first signs of dusk were appearing. The water was calm and low. I gazed out at the view and then went back to Briar Cottage, and started to pack my belongings.

August 8, 1993


Mum was at Fernbrae on Wednesday at a specialist and she has to go in on Wednesday to find out if a lump she has is cancer or not. I'm worried.