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In Beaucette Laundry Room

Friday night, Saturday morning.

So I'�m sitting here in the laundry room at Beaucette Marina. I�m waiting for my clothes to finish, then I can head back into town & go to bed. It�s a bit of a damp, miserable night on Guernsey tonight & I can hear the wind whistling outside.

I got back onto the island yesterday morning, & last night Chris & I partied. We went round some bars then got seriously drunk in Follies. I had good reason to as well; I came back to a letter from Deborah (the first for many, many months) in which she told me how much she missed me & how unhappy she was. I was planning to stay with Chris & Paul, but their family were turning up for a holiday. I was, however, saved by Peter Pearson, who offered me the use of a Sigma 362 in QE2!

The drier has just finished so I�m going to leave it there for the night - I did after all decide that I wasn�t up to going out tonight �cos Chris got me up at 9am this morning. Off to bed I go...

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