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Bound for Fortaleza

I�'m sitting at the chart table this evening & we�'re bound for Fortaleza. Chris is sleeping, or at least trying to sleep, and we'�re happily motorsailing along at 7.5 knots. We met up with everyone on �Lola�, the Swan 651 again in Natal, and we�'ve been spending quite a lot of time with them. Today Antonio, the owner, offered Chris a job on board, as he seems to be planning to get rid of Jack and Amy (his current crew), and fly down his racing skipper instead. I half expected it, and told Chris that if he helps me get the boat up to Trinidad, he should fly back & take the job. I don�t know if he will though, or if Antonio will have changed his mind about the whole thing, or what. But either way, I�'m not worried. Things have been a bit stressed between Chris & I lately, mainly because we�re spending so much time together, but we spoke about it a bit today, and things seem to be much more relaxed between us now.


Sorry dude...

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