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Chris has been down in

Chris has been down in Cornwall for most of the weekend, and Ive been spending it here in Bristol catching up on whats been happening in the world in the last few weeks. Denmark seems to be putting out a lot of bad publicity about itself in its own characteristic, honest way. It seems that Channel 4 here in the UK are making a documentary about Danish attitudes towards smoking in To Die for Cigarettes. It explores public opinions in a country where, apparently, life expectancy is amongst the lowest in Europe, partly due to high tobacco consumption. If youve ever looked for the non-smoking section in a Danish caf then youre bound to understand, however, as someone who used to sell huge amounts of the stuff, I cant really comment! (full story)

Another report which Im sure will shock many of my Danish friends is that the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last week placed Denmark tenth in the international environmental index, just beating the dreaded United States! Neighbours Finland and Norway leapt to the top, but this could be due to the fact that their population density is really, very low. Even still, many Danes seem to feel that their country has leading environmental practices, and they are bound to be saddened by this. (full story)

Apart from returning from Cornwall stressed out from spending the weekend with his family, Chris is in a fairly good mood as hes just bought himself a new laptop. Hes spent much of the day enjoying Windows new operating system, Me the main difference between it and previous versions being that it seems to crash more! Is technology really going to save us more time in the future as Bill Gates promises, or are we just going to be unable to do anything else as we wait for our computers to restart after crashing? Stanley Kubrick got it all wrong in 2001.

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