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Hi, I'm writing this from

Hi, I'm writing this from Chris's flat in Bristol. We got back into the UK yesterday, and after a rushed morning in wet, foggy London, Nina flew out to Copenhagen and I came up to Bristol where I'd left my laptop and some luggage. I've just spent this morning uploading some of the photographs from South Africa we took with the digital camera.

I've promised to take Chris's bike into the shop for a service today, though, so I'd better go and do that now. The only problem is that I can't lower his seat due to the suspension getting in the way, and as he keeps reminding me, he is somewhat taller than I am! I've had a practice riding it around in the flat right now though, and I can just reach the pedals, so as long as I don't have to stop, I should be fine! I'll get back to updating this later...

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