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Friday night of course turned

Friday night of course turned into a mammoth drinking session with Ged, who then persuaded me to eat my own body weight in McDonalds. I stayed at his house, but woke up after about 2 hours half expecting some form of chicken nugget creature to burst out of my stomach. In the morning I nursed my hangover in an Edinburgh cafe before catching the train back to Glasgow. Scotland were playing Belgium there and so the train was packed with singing, drunken football supporters. Just what you need with a hangover.

On my previous trip through, the ticket inspector had refused to sell me a day return ticket; the same ticket that I'd bought twice that week already on the train. After a long argument, however, he'd relented, but this time I went to the ticket office to buy it. Upon enquiring about this strange event, I was told 'in confidence' that the inspectors are now on commission, and hence, don't want to sell you the cheap tickets when they can sell you an expensive one! Just what we need, mafiosi ticket inspectors.

I met up with Colin on arrival back in Glasgow, and once more he dragged me off to the pub. Feeling a bit fragile from the previous night, I managed to resist his suggestions of going on to a club, and I had a reasonably early night.

Chris and I are hoping to get over to Guernsey this coming weekend after I get down to Bristol where he lives. It would be good to see everyone over there again as I haven't been there for over two years.

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