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I've just got back to

I've just got back to Glasgow after spending the day skiing with Colin in Glenshee. The snow was fantastic, but we did have snowstorms almost all day long. It was a few years since we'd both been skiing, but after two runs on the nursery slopes, we decided to head up to the top of one of the highest runs at 1000m. As we got to the summit a blizzard hit and took visibility down to almost nothing, blowing ice into our faces. It was probably one of the coldest times I can remember, and we had difficulty seeing the run, but we made it down and went to the cafe to recover. There we discovered that the run had been closed just after we had got up.

Later in the day I did a spectacular fall on a very steep, icy patch on a red run. I somersaulted down the slope with skis and poles flying everywhere, and landed on my head. I lay there for a second checking if I was dead / paralysed / injured, but soon came to the conclusion that I was reasonably well, and gave Colin, who was looking concerned from further down the slope, the thumbs up. Things carried on like this for much of the day, and I even managed to get a (very) little bit of snowboarding done before they kicked us off the slopes and told us to go home.

Later, we paid a visit to my cottage in Balmerino, which Colin has kindly offered to provide professional services for, and then went onto Dundee. It's always fun to visit Dundee. Usually because it reminds me of how much better everywhere else in the world is, but today was especially good as Colin's sister made us dinner and saved us from ending up in McDonalds. Unfortunately for Colin it was chilli as he had to endure the full wrath of my digestive system in the car back to Glasgow.

I've just packed, and tomorrow morning I have to drag my aching body to catch a flight down to London, then onto Bristol to stay with Chris.

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